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Services and terms of accommodation for workshops

 What is Amarti?
 Far more of a renovated farmhouse on the crest of a verdant Tuscan hill, amidst olive trees, acacias and flowers’ perfume.
It is a melting pot based on the passion for meditation and inner search, inspired by the vision of the enlightened Master Osho, which attracts those who wish to find or rediscover themselves, rest, learn or teach. It is a “circle” of passionate ones that dedicate the day to cause the possibility for people to hear the call and the urgency to better know themselves.
It is a way to welcome and support all friends on the path, based on the personal experience of who knows how this is important and, sometimes, even hard. 

the meditation room

The Meditation Room is 75m² large and it displays:

  • air conditioning system
  • 4 speakers 1500 watt sound system with 3 cd, 1 dvd, 1dvx players
  • Professional mixer
  • microphone
  • videorecorder
  • big tv screen, 37”
  • 20 foam rubber mattresses
  • blankets
  • cushions
  • 12 meditation chairs

And whatever else is needed to create a warm, relaxing and protected atmosphere. 

changing rooms and bathroom

The perfectly kept 6 shower bathroom and changing room are adjacent the meditation room.


Twenty_three beds are available for the guests. The rooms, simple but spacious, help in creating an intimate and home environment.

On request it is also possible to reserve a double bed room.

On this same floor, two bathrooms with shower are available for guests.

open air 

More than 4 hectares of olive trees for a hilly and woodland scenery, perfect for playing, shamanic, tonic, relaxing or meditative activities.


Circolo Amarti, besides organising its own seminars and events with facilitators, teachers and therapists from around the world, it can also guest prearranged groups who needs a welcoming environment.

In the case of accommodating prearranged groups, the organizer shall arrange for publicity, bookings, down payments and settlements.

Amarti will welcome the guests and it will complete all the necessary formalities for the staying and the membership.

The minimum of participants for this formula is 10.

Arci membership

Amarti structure and services can only be attended by being member of "Arci", which gives an insurance covering to each of the participants.

It is possible to apply for the membership card on site.

The price of the card is of €10,00.

others for participants

_ participants are asked to bring their own slippers

_ payments must be settle cash, with a bank check, or bank transfer (therefore ATM cards or Credit Cards are not accepted).




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expand the beauty of your workshop through the beauty of Tuscan countryside, and the quality and gentlesness of our team!

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