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A warm and friendly place, in the heart of the sparkling hills of Tuscany, between Florence and Pisa, spredaing through 4 ectars of land...

An atmosphere in wich to rest, to meet the cheerful laughter of the residents and their friends, and just merge with the colours and perfumes of olive trees, vineyards and woods...

Amarti will treat you with care and love:
the whole house is harmonized with Tachyon Energy tools and Aura-Soma, and toghether with the land, soil and plants, with EM Effective Microorganisms;


You can come and be a guest with full accomodation, or rent the full house, with a minimum of 8 adults and 2 nights.

You can also book Amarti as a seminar or retreat house, and use the 75 square meters meditation room to deliver your course in Yoga, Meditation, Theatre, Pilates, Dance;
our team will be happy to serve you with gentlesness and care.





























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