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osho in the country
A warm and friendly place, in the heart of the sparkling hills of Tuscany, between Florence and Pisa...
An atmosphere in wich to rest, to meet the cheerful laughter of the residents and their friends, practice meditation techniques, attend a workshop, or just merge with the colours and perfumes of olive trees, vineyards and woods...

A Cultural Circle, member of ARCI Valdera,
born of the intention to facilitate and share the growth of human-ness, in the vision and gratefulness of the enlightened master Osho.
Here you can attend to one of our workshops or organize your own seminar
with your students/scholars

Holiday House for members of ARCI Natura

Farm House, producing extra-virgin olive oil, obtained through ecological attention to preserve and re-generate our beloved Mother Earth...

Oasis for seekers and meditators, host for WWOOF members.

Amarti will treat you with care and love:
the whole house is harmonized with Tachyon Energy tools and Aura-Soma, and toghether with the land, soil and plants, with EM Effective Microorganisms;
you will eat organic vegetarian meal, cooked and served with our most delicious olive oil, and only osmosis filtered water on the table, accompanied with a fragrant local wine, on request.

We carefully arrange retreats with spiritual teachers and workshops of Primal, Tantra, Aura Soma, Trance Dance and Neo-Shamanism Journeys, Sweat Lodges, Rites of Passage, and Meditation Camps,
and many more....

Admission for members .

Osho Dynamic Meditation, every morning at 7.00
Trance Dance on tuesdays, Community Drum Circle on thursdays.
We suggest you to call in advance, whenever you want to participate in any of our activities...
Allow us to welcome you in the most loving way!!!...

Podere Amarti, Via Val Dell'Olmo, 56020, Marti, Pi
0571-461981/3487624234 info@podereamarti.it



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Organize your seminar in Amarti,
expand the beauty of your workshop through the beauty of Tuscan countryside, and the quality and gentlesness of our team!

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